So you’re new here?

What is Boogienet?

We are a Vancouver-based software development company that focuses on helping business minded people. We work with you and help you understand the required technology for your business. We love to partner up with like-minded individuals to build their websites, create their products, and see their company succeed. Most times we focus on web products, but we tend to be all over the map or as most clients put it, a one stop shop.

We focus on building WordPress, Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android solutions.

Our team takes pride in building great things for our clients (small or large). We will manage your products as if it were our own.

Read about how we work. No need? Convinced? Find us online.

Wait, you’re using a default WordPress template?

Yup, we did spend some time building our own WordPress template for our company website. That template (and its endless tweaking) kept us from launching our website for an embarrassingly large amount of time. Once we got too busy launching products for our clients, the website fell by the wayside.

One day we picked up our site, looked at the content, did a bunch of clean up and decided (on a whim) to switch the template to the one you’re looking at.

Look, it doesn’t look half bad and the day that it stops meeting our needs then we’ll switch it out. For now, it’s better than an “under construction” page.

Our Founder


Ritchie Macapinlac

First and foremost, he is a husband and a father. Secondly, he loves to productivity, minimalism and to finding new and cool things online. Ritchie is a technologist and a triathlete who loves his gadgets.