Why did it take us this long to launch our website

Coming soon, we’re excited to launch our website. Was the message that we put up in March 2014, for the most part it was done then. So why didn’t we flip the switch and show things to the world?

In Dec 2013 one of our clients came to us and said, “You know you guys can put a designed by Boogienet banner on the footer of my site. I want it put on there.” The idea was thrown around and ultimately we somehow convinced our client that we don’t need to showcase ourselves on their site. Their intentions were good but we felt a bit cheezy promoting ourselves.

I mean, that and the fact that we didn’t really have a ‘good’ web presence. We had a logo, and a contact us email on the front page of our site but nothing that stood out.

Introverts don’t like being showcased.

Let’s face it, we’re a team of introverts. We like working behind the veil of email, Basecamp, Skype and phone. Networking isn’t our strong suit. So putting a website together to tell people about the great work we do doesn’t come as a first instinct. We’ve never really had to promote ourselves, most of our clientele comes by recommendation.

One thing we are proud of are the people who choose to work with us and vice versa. They’re great and amazing people. It came to us, shouldn’t we just have a place to talk about the great experiences we’ve had working with these people? At the same time showcasing their work and vision?

Getting the formula right.

You know, portfolio sites are all fairly generic. They’re usually there to promote your team and your work. Now that we have a vision of having a space online that can show people how we work with clients. Straddling that line of shameless self-promotion was a challenge. The team felt like it was always making decisions on being Kim Kardashian and Beyonce (for the record, we want to be Beyonce).

At the end of the day, we feel like we got a good balance of telling people how we work with these amazing people, showcasing the work and shameless self-promotion.