Just dance! Building a dance studio website.

Dance studio websites are usually pretty static. They show off the different styles of dance that they teach. The usual value proposition is usually, “Here are the styles of dance you can learn by being part of our school.”

We’ve been working with Nicole and her studio since 2008. We took over her website design because she was getting unresponsive service from her original ‘web guy’. The Dance Connection Inc. website has undergone fairly significant changes over the years. It started off as a static website with PDF’s and stand-alone HTML pages. The next iteration web developed in Drupal and had a fairly complex information architecture.

Re-platform to a better CMS.

This latest design re-platformed the it’s technical solution to WordPress because it is a simpler CMS we also proposed that we redesign the website along with a re-platform.

Students and Instructors front and center.

Nicole was clear, she wanted a large hero space to showcase her students and their activities. Secondary to that, her instructors also needed to be prominent. With that, we designed the homepage to have a large rotating slider that is gallery driven. Instructors get their own page, with write-ups and fancy professional photos.


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